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about how to make a medication list

by A Couse

Here is an article on How to Make a Medication List.

It is essential to protect your health by creating a medication list for yourself, your physicians, and caretakers. Keep this list available in case of any emergencies or questions regarding your healthcare.

Let us begin by doing the first list. It is for your prescription medications only. Get all your prescription bottles and line them up in order from morning medications to night time medications.

  • Write Allergies at the top of this list
  • Write the name of the medication (brand name and or generic name)
  • Write the milligram you are taking
  • Write how/when you are taking it (ex: am, noon, pm) and how many pills you take at these times. (Example: 1 tablet in the am)
  • Write down what you take it for (treatment for, example: hypertension)
  • Write down the name of doctor who prescribed it and the date he prescribed it
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    Here is an example of a Basic Chart and title this list as: My Prescription Medications.



    How/When to take it

    Treatment for

    Date/ prescribed by Dr.




    1 tablet every




    Dr. Jones







    Keep this FREE Printable medication list chart in a place that is available at all times so you can take it to your physicians.

    List all of the Over the Counter (OTC) Medications.
    These meds should include the following:

  • Vitamins, Herbs and any Dietary Supplements
  • Pain Relievers, Sleep aids, Skin creams, Rectal or vaginal medications, Cough or Cold remedies, Inhalants or Nasal Sprays, Eye or ear drops, Weight loss supplements, Antihistamines or sinus medications, Any other over the counter meds you can think of.
    Title this list: My Over the Counter Medications

    Medication Resources:

    - Make sure all your doctors are aware of medication list

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    How To make a Medication List - A medication List you can print and use.

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